How to Make a Candle Gift Box


Holiday season is almost around the corner and what better gifts can one give to the family than sending or giving candles that would always remind the recipient of them? Packing candles for gifting is something that requires a lot of budget. Also, if you are looking for candle packaging as a manufacturer yourself then you may require a big budget for that as well. Making candle boxes on your own in such cases sounds like better and easier idea!

Candle boxes are made easily with the right things. You can easily get the things from any online store and get lots of inspiration from Etsy and Pinterest before you start making your own boxes. Best is to make something on your own and not copy any idea online, it is fine if you need inspiration. Especially if you have a candle making business and you are making candle gift boxes for clients, it will be great if you put your own individuality in your candle boxes rather than sell them in copied boxes. 

First we need to understand the structure of the candle box the way the candle box suppliers manufacture them. The box must be able to hold the candles of all types' right in their place and they need to be very sturdy to keep the candles safe. The candles are many types, one might make gel candles in a jar with exotic fragrance or it can be tea light candles made of wax or any type of candles at all, a sturdy box will secure and keep all types very safe and the candles will reach recipient in good shape. Next is that the box should look exceptionally gorgeous, handmade is always better and shows how the maker has spent time on your product. So now we have two important things, the sturdiness of the box and good looks, both are essential.

Now measure your candles and determine a size if the box. To make a square box that fits all, take corrugated sheets that are available on arts and crafts stores online, they are available in many vibrant colors; you can choose any of the ones you like and begin the work. You need 3 large sheets of the corrugated sheets, flat natural colored cardstock, some hot glue and embellishments. You can also use designer craft paper for covering the box instead of lots of embellishments. 

  • Lay out the corrugated sheet and plain natural colored sheet flat and take a square size, mark them and cut them in square, also cut 2 long strips, the length should be four times the size of one side of the square.
  • Put the candles on the plain cardstock and decide the way they will be put in the box, simply cut out the areas slightly smaller than the size of the candle like the professional Candle Box Suppliers manufacture inserts. Now take the corrugated sheet strip and start gluing it around the corners of the square with hot glue, repeat with another square of the corrugated sheet but this time put glue on the outside edges of the square to make room enough to fit the base of the box.
  • Now glue the plain cardstock in the base of the box only an inch above the surface to fit the candles perfectly. Let everything dry before you begin the embellishments.
  • Now cover the whole box, just the lid or nothing at all with the designer craft paper, corrugated itself looks great. Add some embellishments of your choice and insert candles in the gift box.